It’s all happening on the 25th

The fabulous Mills and Rose have been booked for support at the Barnfield on 25th November. Tickets are close to being sold out, so it’s going to be a tremendous evening. We’ve even got lights and a handful of new plectrums. Be there or its hip to be square.


The Big Gig at the Barnfield

We’re breaking out of the shed and storming into the city.

Tickets are now on sale for the great Barnfield gig on Saturday 25th November. They’ll be new songs, videos and real T shirts. To get a ticket just go on to the Barnfield website and click some things which should be here
It’s going to be a fab evening raising lots of money for a great local charity. Any requests? – give us plenty of time to learn them though 🙂


Up in them there hills

Don’t worry if you couldn’t get a ticket for Glastonbury – it’s Mamhead Fete on Sunday 25th June. And we’re on the main stage – well the main hay wagon – well OK, the only hay wagon.

We’re loading up the donkeys and doing our altitude acclimatising exercises as we get ready for the gig in the foot of the Haldon Hills.  It’s always a lovely event where rock n roll rubs shoulders with wellie throwing and ferret racing. The beer is good and the weather is always wonderful. What can possibly go wrong?

Huge thanks to Ian and Dan

A huge thanks to our unsung hero Ian (and his apprentice Dan) who does all the sound mixing for our gigs. It’s a full on job and every show is different – especially the way we play. Here they are relaxing at Montacute just before the rock n roll starts.


Meeting your hero

So we just finished playing ‘She’s Not There’ by the Zombies at Montacute Carnival and this guy came up and said, ‘Hello.’ He was Tom Toomey lead guitarist with …. the Zombies. Suddenly we got all embarrassed and star struck. A lovely guy and thanks for the kind words, Tom.


Montacute Carnival

A wonderful gig in the beautiful setting of Montacute House on a warm mid-summer’s evening. Thanks to the carnival committee who made us feel so welcome and a great audience who danced with midsummer madness.

By the way, the house is a bit bigger than the shed!